Google Calendar Sync

  1. To do this, go to the Staff tab and edit the Staff which you want to connect to Google Calendar with the choice from the list. Click the “GOOGLE SIGN IN” button below
  2. You will be linked to the Sign-in window from Google. When you try to access your account and log in, you will receive a warning message just like the background. Click “Advanced” here and click on the “Go to (unsafe)” link:Booknetic Appointments documentationThe reason for this warning is that you didn’t send the application created by the instructions above to the Google review. You do not need to send the Application for review until you use this Application only for you and your staff. Because this review process is a long process, and Google’s approval of your Application takes 4-6 weeks. You don’t need to go through this timeline. Just inform your staff that there is no compatibility with clicking “Go to (unsafe)” because the Approved Application is your own personalized Application.
    Booknetic Appointments documentation
  3. You will redirect to the Booknetic – Edit page of staff again. In the popup window, select the “Google calendar” option, click on the email you allow, and click the save
  4. That’s it. Now connections between your staff and Google Calendar are provided.